Switzer, Miss Margaret

A full color photograph of Margaret Switzer's tombstone, front view. Inscribed is Margaret E. Switzer 1851 - 1927.
Close up of the front of Margaret Switzer’s tombstone, full color photograph. Source: Dr Melissa Stewart
A full color photograph of Margaret Switzer's tombstone. It is red granite with the name Switzer inscribed into it.
A close up of Margaret Switzer’s tombstone in a full color photograph. Source: Dr Melissa Stewart

Miss Margaret Switzer

Margaret Switzer was appointed in 1904 to take the place of Mrs Bertha G Ridgeway when she left Iowa to take a position at Purdue University.[1] Margaret was responsible for the motion in February 1906 to consider the creation of a separate children’s room and she was an active member of the library board until her death, having served for twenty-three years.[2]

Margaret Eliza Switzer was born October 24, 1851 in Carroll County, Maryland to John & Elizabeth Wolfe Switzer. Her family came to Iowa in 1857, settling in Liberty Township, Johnson County where her father died in 1860.[3] Margaret attended the University of Iowa from 1868-1871 and then taught school, before beginning a career as a bank bookkeeper. She worked first at Citizens Savings & Trust, and then at Johnson County Savings Bank.[4] Margaret never married and left the banking career in 1917 to became the Matron of Currier Hall, a post she remained in for ten years. She died September 3, 1927, and was buried in Oakland Cemetery, Iowa City.[5]

-Dr. Melissa Stewart

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