Lufkin, A.K.

A. K. Lufkin

A. K. Lufkin was a member of the Newton Public Library board of trustees from 1914 to 1922.[1] Arthur K. Lufkin was born in Newton, December 18, 1862[2], the son of Albert and Catharine (Griffin) Lufkin.[3] He spent all of his life in Newton with the exception of two years when he was in the West for his health.[4] “When but 17 years of age, he worked in the foundry for 50 cents a day,” one local paper reported, “and saved his wages to complete his schooling; for two seasons he was engaged in the Canning Factory, the first year doing any and all work that would subserve the interests of his employers; the second year having charge of the books, the weighing-in of the produce, paying hands, &c.”[5] For a time he worked “at low wages” in a lumber yard; had charge of his father’s large stock farm for more than a year, then borrowed money to undertake the study of law at Iowa City, where he received his law degree.[6] In 1896, Lufkin engaged in the insurance business with Arthur J. Wright.[7] In 1903, he was in the real estate and insurance business with Joe Horn and W. H. Lister under the firm name of Globe Land, Loan and Emigration Co. During the time they were together they held the agency for the sale of steamship tickets.[8] The 1910 City Directory listed Lufkin as a lawyer.[9] From 1919 until the time of his death, he was associated with the Clipless Paper Fastener Co., being secretary and treasurer of the company.[10] He also had some large land holdings in Oklahoma.[11] Always civic-minded, Lufkin was elected mayor of Newton for two terms, in 1893 and 1895.[12] He was also a member of the Newton Fire Department.[13] In 1918-19, he was employed by the city as health warden “to look after the interests of the city in providing proper regulations, and in seeing to the countless details” during the influenza epidemic.[14] He was a member of the Elks and Knights of Pythias Lodges.[15] On November 25, 1905, Lufkin was married to Miss Jennie May Russell (1862-1943), in Newton.[16] This prominent citizen died on October 2, 1922 – a suicide.[17] Coroner W. E. Lyon certified the cause of death as “Hanging by Rope.”[18] Burial was in Newton Union Cemetery.[19]

-Larry Ray Hurto

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